About Big Change!

Let’s get real. We both know the idea of Big Change can feel scary, hard, and overwhelming.  That’s expected, normal, and okay.

What I love is that Big Change often comes in small packages.  It’s little steps that we take that add up to the bigger change we want. Sometimes it’s some small thing that acts as a catalyst in a way we never saw coming.

Big Change can be as simple as:

  • Trying a new haircut
  • Going for a walk each day
  • Claiming a few minutes a day to focus solely on you
  • Calling a friend to say hello
  • Signing up for a class on something you’ve wanted to explore
  • Exploring other places to live, work, or visit with no timeline in mind
  • Writing down and sharing three things you like about yourself each day
  • Noticing and celebrating your wins & successes regardless of size
  • Putting your phone & computer away for an hour
  • Taking a nap
  • Having a personal dance party
  • Writing down your dream vision for your perfect, most awesome day

It's Not All or Nothing!

Big Change rarely looks how we want it to or even how we think it will.  You don’t move from Point A to Point Z in one giant leap. You don’t even go from Point A to Point B that way!  

The key to Big Change is breaking it down into small steps.  Sometimes those steps feel fun, direct, and easy. Sometimes they’re a bit more circuitous. Sometimes the steps feel downright messy, scary, and uncomfortable.  And all of those are okay!

In fact, that is exactly the seed Big Change needs! It’s like the cycle of a butterfly.  The caterpillar moves along through life, doing its thing, until something in it says “It’s time for change.”  It stops eating, removes itself from the everyday cycle, and builds a chrysalis.  Inside that chrysalis Big Change begins!  The caterpillar literally dissolves and begins to rebuild into something completely new! Not only do butterflies and caterpillars look different, they behave differently.  One lives in trees and the other flies. One lives off of leaves and the other off of nectar.

When it’s time to emerge from this incredible transformation, the caterpillar needs a bit of struggle to fully fill those wings and fly free. If we help a butterfly out of the chrysalis, it likely won’t fly. It needs that struggle to pump fluid into and strengthen its wings. It needs the struggle to finish that transformation into this beautiful new creature.

Each small step you take, whether it feels light & easy or scary & tough, is a step in your own transformation and Big Change.  Each small step is a piece of you moving from where you are to where you want to be. To strengthening your wings and flying free!

So, are you ready to take the steps that will finally get you want your heart desires?  Are you ready to build your chrysalis and come out transformed? Are you ready for Big Change?

You already have the power and answers within you. It’s time to invite them to come out and spread their wings.

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