Me and my daughter- one of my most insightful teachers
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Hello! I'm Lorine.

And I see you’re a curious person like myself!

I’m a bit of a researcher. I’m the person who will read the entire website and search all over before reaching out to connect. Why?  Because I want a sense of “Are we a good fit?” before I invest the time and energy in the next step.  Seems like you may be, too?

With that in mind, here are a few things to know about me:

  • My core values are authenticity, humor, compassion & empathy, connectedness, nature, adventure & exploring
  • I love helping people figure out the little steps they can take to get the big change they want and are ready to claim
  • I love the human body and nerd out on how it works. This includes the brain.
  • I was the President of the Cussing Club in 2nd grade and I still curse a ton
  • Breaking old patterns/habits and rewriting the narrative are my jam
  • I’ve raised over $30,000 and bicycled thousands of miles for HIV/AIDS and cancer causes 
  • My pronouns are she/her 
  • Both my popcorn and my hot chocolate are legendary in my inner circle
  • I’ll hold space and hold you accountable. Ask any of my friends or clients. (This means I expect you to show up for yourself)
  • I’m an introvert and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). I was hide-under-the-table-at-parties shy as a child. Literally
  • One of my favorite and most insightful conversation partners is my teenage daughter. I learn something from her every day
  • I love animals. I’ve raised dogs, cats, hermit crabs, and fish so far. Spiders get to live in my house. Mice are caught and released back into nature. I seriously want to hang out with an octopus and a hedgehog. (Maybe not at the same time) 
  • Recipes are merely suggestions and jumping off points
  • I love to laugh. I especially love wordplay and ridiculous memes & gifs
  • Cheesy 80s TV brings me glee (and a sense of escape when needed)
  • I love words and finding the perfect word. Sometimes it comes easily and sometimes I struggle. And sometimes I surrender and embrace a non-perfect word
  • Going for walks is one of the main ways I both energize and calm my mind
  • I love the smell of rain and the sound of snow
  • Asking for and receiving help & support was not something I grew up doing and I have worked hard on both. I’m a happier, kinder, calmer parent, partner, and friend because I chose to do this work myself. It wasn’t easy or comfortable and it was totally worth it
  • I’m passionate about communication, connection, inclusion, and consent. For all humans. Of all ages, genders, and races
  • All genders, races, colors, religions, body shapes, and levels of sass are welcome here. I’ve been preaching inclusion since I was a kid
  • I love talking with people,  hearing their stories, and getting to the good stuff. Small talk feels a bit stickier
  • I believe the body is always talking to us and sharing what it needs.  Change comes when we choose to learn that language and listen
  • My pet peeves include lack of follow through, cabinet doors being left open, and when people “ghost” other people
  • I love helping people find and claim their voice so they can connect with themselves & others and say what they want even when it feels damn uncomfortable
  • I believe “No” is a complete sentence and can help you “Know Your No”, too!

My Background

I have been helping clients out of pain & tension while renewing their sense of relaxation & balance since 1996. I have a true passion for my work and regularly tell people how lucky I am to have a job that I love. Combining my coaching skills, massage background, and natural intuitive nature allows us to create the perfect session each time we work together.

My conscious fascination with the human body began when I was 13 years old.  My body grew so quickly that my muscles couldn’t keep up with my bones, leading to debilitating low back pain and my early teen years in a back brace.  My mom took me to get a massage and I was hooked.  At 13 years old, I was asking “What do you have to do to be a massage therapist?” Massage continued intriguing me during high school and college.  In 1996, while riding my bike, it happened- I had an epiphany.  It was time to go to massage school. Three months later I was at the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville.  I never looked back.

My massage practice flourished and yet something was missing. Clients wanted more than massage.  They wanted to talk. They were coming for the nurturing, safe space to feel seen and heard. 

I knew there was more to helping myself and others break the recurring stress and tension patterns. The back aches and headaches and painful sex that didn’t make sense.  I knew that we tend to hold our emotions physically and that a lot of what shows up as pain and tension is actually unfelt, unseen emotion. I knew that my own “doesn’t make sense” pain (like 18 months of debilitating sciatica) didn’t go away until I dug into my own emotional inner workings  and listened to what I really wanted and needed. As I acknowledged my emotional “stuck,” the rest of my body followed.

I take a whole body approach to this work. While we  focus on stress management and addressing the current frustrations, the underlying goal is to get to the “why” and guide you to solve the true problem. I am a strong believer that learning the language of the body can be a preventive tool, not just a solution. Tension and stress often lead to physical pain, reduced productivity, and a decreased quality of life so I help my clients keep their bodies healthy and well through reconnecting to themselves and bridging the gap between body and mind.

Professional Bio

Fascinated with the body/mind connection since age 13, Lorine Dolby Hoffer is a Certified BodyMind Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist. She has a degree in psychology & special education and has been a business owner and entrepreneur for over 20 years.

Lorine loves helping you learn & understand the language of your body so that you can ditch stress patterns that keep you stuck doing the same things that aren’t working while breaking the cycle of headaches, back pains, & sleepless nights so that you can reconnect to yourself, your partner, & your kids, and wake up feeling rested, confident, empowered, and ready to own your day.

Lori loves to laugh, curse, explore nature, hang out with her insightful daughter, “get to the good stuff” in connected conversations, and notice beauty in every day. Described as having both fierce compassion and fierce independence, she’ll hold space for you and hold you accountable to the big changes you’re ready to claim.

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Knowing Change in BodyMind Living magazine, Issue 7. Includes an audio conversation with my teen daughter about what change means to her  and how she navigates it as a teen.