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Let's Work Together!

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There are multiple ways we can work together. From one-on-one programs to group support to courses, there is an option to help you claim the Big Change you’ve been wanting and haven’t known how to get. Let’s set up a call, get an idea of where you are now and where you want to go, and if it feels good discuss how to get you there. Big Change is within grasp and it’s time to take that first little steps to get there. Permission granted to live the life you’ve been wanting!

Customized One-on-One Coaching

Are you fighting against what you don’t want or fighting for what you do want?

Whether you have trouble asking for help and then resent doing everything yourself, or you find yourself saying “Yes” when you really want to say “No!” and then wonder how that always happens…

Whether you know you want to ditch outside pressure & traditions and parent from your heart, or are looking to connect more deeply to your kids, your partner, and yourself….

Whether life feels generally okay, maybe even really good, but you can feel something is missing and there just has to be more…

One-on-one coaching can help you move from feeling unclear and stuck in the same old crap to a place of full-body confidence in who you are, what you want, and how to take the small steps that lead up to that Big Change. Programs are generally three months long to give you time to really get clear and take steps toward the change you want with plenty of support for the inevitable bumps & clunks along the way.  Think of it as compassionate accountability to finally get you the lasting change that self-help books and $99 online courses haven’t.

The beauty of customized coaching is that it’s about you, where you are, and the change you’re ready to claim. Together we will build the program that works for you so that you can connect more deeply with yourself and what truly feels good, drop the weight of other people’s expectations, and really embody the amazing human you’ve always heard you are and haven’t believed. (Buzz off, Imposter Syndrome! Am I right?)

Schedule your connection call today and we can get to know each other and explore if we both feel we’re a good fit. 

Customized Coaching for Teens & Tweens

Are you feeling alone in the world? Like nobody gets you and you’re not that connected to your friends or yourself? Maybe you pretend to be someone you aren’t because you think people won’t like you without your “mask”? Are you confused about who you are now and who you want to be in the future?

There is not a human alive who doesn’t crave feeling seen, heard, and respected. Who doesn’t want a safe, judgement-free, neutral place to share what’s going on?  Kids want this just as much as adults do. Coaching conversations can help. In fact, my own teen daughter describes coaching as an invitation to talk & be heard in a safe, judgement-free place vs in a contrived, forced conversation.

During hour-long virtual calls or in-person Walk & Talk sessions, I help you get clear on what is and isn’t working in both school and personal life environments. What feels good? What feels sticky and confusing? What’s working and what could be better? 

We’ll explore what makes you who you are– strengths, values, personality type– and how to listen to the language of your body so you can understand your needs and ask for what you want from your friends, teachers, & parents without feeling scared or judged.

We explore where you are & where you want to be both now & in the future, and empower you to come up with the small steps to move into the self-understanding and confidence you’ve been searching for. 

Intentional Twelve Community

What’s something you’ve been wanting to do and feel like you just don’t have time for?

Maybe read, exercise/move, get outside, talk to a friend, research something, watch a show, write a book, meditate, stare out the window, take a nap… I don’t know! The possibilities are endless!

How would it feel to claim 12 minutes each day for you to do that thing? And to have a community and some support to help keep you on track?

Intentional Twelve is a private Facebook community that supports and encourages people like you who feel overwhelmed by “big time commitments” and struggle with motivation & follow through so that you can claim a few minutes each day and do that thing you want to do for you in an open, supportive, judgement-free environment.

How will you spend your Intentional Twelve? Can’t wait to see you there and support you.

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Are you feeling unsure or even struggling with how to have a conversation with your kid that goes beyond “How much homework do you have? When’s practice? Who are you going out with? What do you want for dinner?”

Are you worried that your kids will search for “all the answers” online, from friends, or from anywhere but you because you don’t really feel comfortable talking to each other?

Maybe you’re struggling to connect as a family or it feels hard to express yourself?

You are NOT alone! There’s a lot of talk about how we *need* to talk to our kids yet nobody seems to give us much guidance. The elements of connected conversation are often lost in the hustle of work, school, and life.

This 8 week program helps you build a foundation of honesty, trust and respect with your teen/tween so they feel comfortable coming to you with anything instead of hiding it, asking friends, or looking for answers online. 

Don’t have a teen/tween in your life? No worries! These building blocks can be used in ANY relationship- family, romantic, friends, workplace, even yourself! (Yes, you can totally do this solo if you’re feeling disconnected from yourself)

You’ll come away with connection building blocks that become second nature and your defaults in any interaction. Learn how to grow together, express fully, and trust deeply for the most meaningful conversations.


  • Weekly lessons with videos and exercises to help you learn the building blocks and practice them with your partner so that you can deepen your mutual sense of connection and trust
  • Customized one-on-one coaching support so that you can practice asking questions, and get support, and celebrate your wins as you go through this together!
  • Unlimited email support so you can gain clarity while you build open trust and respect with your partner.

If you’re craving meaningful conversation, this course is for you.