Massage Therapy Sessions

Looking for massage therapy? Before you go any further, let’s get clear about something. (I’m a huge fan of informed consent.)

I’m more than your typical massage therapist. These are more than your typical sessions.

In my 25+ years in the professional massage field, one thing has always felt clear to me. The body and mind are intimately connected.  What happens in one shows up in the other. You tend to hold your emotions physically, particularly the ones that feel vulnerable & uncomfortable. So much of what shows up as pain and stress in your body–headaches, achy shoulders, recurring back pain,  jaw clenching & teeth grinding, sleepless nights– is actually emotion looking for a way to feel seen & heard.  We can do massage and give you tools & suggestions all day and you won’t find the lasting change you want until you commit to it on a deeper level. Until you “Get to the Why” which is often found in some unacknowledged and unfelt emotions or “life stuff.”

I work with people who are ready and committed to change.  Lasting change. BIG Change!

Are you done tolerating pain that doesn’t seem to make sense & keeps coming back?  Ready to take control of your body in the most welcoming, compassionate, and honoring way and get to the core of all those mysterious aches and pains? Are you willing to fully participate and OWN your health & wellness because you realize you’re the only one who creates the change you’ve craved?  

If yes, let’s talk about an appointment and celebrate you taking control of this! If no, we may be a good fit. And that’s okay.

Reach out directly so we can discuss what’s going on and decide together.

BodyMind Massage Session

For years clients have said “Today I want the Lorine Special.”  The secret?  “The Lorine Special” means something different to each of them and is, in fact, “their” session. 

These sessions combine BodyMind coaching conversations, embodiment exercises, and hands on massage to give you the tools and space to learn the language of your body and reconnect to your true self so that you can break the physical and emotional pain cycles and live life based on what you want, not what your body or outside messages tell you that you can do.

These sessions are about reconnecting your body and mind so you can claim lasting change and feel like your best self. 

BodyMind Massage Sessions are all in-home/at your location.  Please reach out to me directly to discuss if we are an aligned fit to work together and for current availability.

60 minutes –$200

90 minutes– $275 

120 minutes– $350

Common Questions

In-home massage is offered in the Arlington, VA area. You provide the space and I’ll provide the equipment.  We will need a space about 8′ x 6′ to set up and use during your session. Please- no more than one flight of stairs.  

Massage appointments are extremely limited. When available, I see clients on weekdays between the hours of 10am and 4:30pm. I do not offer weekend or evening appointments. Please email so we can discuss if this feels like an aligned fit for you.

Each session is customized each time we work together. It’s really about what feels most supportive to you and your body. My training includes Swedish/relaxation massage, therapeutic massage (often misnamed “deep” massage), NMT work, Connective Tissue Therapy, sports massage, Thai yoga massage, reflexology, pediatric massage, and prenatal massage.  In addition, we may use breathing techniques, guided visualizations, and of course connected conversation.

It depends.  I offer hands on massage on a limited basis. Because of that variability, setting up a regular/recurring appointment often doesn’t feel fair to either of us. We can discuss options after our first session together.

I love working with all ages, including kids/teens. I’ve had clients from 3 years old to 96 years old. All genders, all races, all sizes and shapes. I am also a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (via Liddle Kidz).

I hear you. I do charge a premium for a premium service. And yes, the clients I work with say not only am I worth it, but also that THEY are worth it.  So maybe the truer question is- Are YOU worth investing this time and money in yourself?  And if you don’t think so, I invite you to explore why.  Is it because you were given the message that you aren’t worthy by someone or something?  Is it because you feel like everyone else should come first? There are no right/wrong answers– this is an invitation for you to get to know yourself a little better.  

There are many amazing massage therapists out there and I want you to find the one that feels most connected for you.

We are not fully out of the chrysalis.
In-home sessions are available and you must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. (Yes, I am fully vaccinated)

Please read this page for all info (don't forget the FAQs) and email me for a potential appointment. Thank you!