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Client Stories

“I came to Lori broken physically, emotionally and mentally. My body was suffering from years of abuse from over-exercise and I was exhausted from decades of lying about and being ruled by an eating disorder. I don't know how it all spilled out but she always respected my boundaries and saw me as more than a skinny, hyper talkative woman who just couldn't stop hurting herself. She listened. She loved my stories. She let me cry until tears filled my ears. She acknowledged my pain and helped me get comfortable meeting it but never made me feel guilty for it. Sometimes, just a simple rephrasing of a sentence could change my entire perspective. Two years ago I checked myself into an inpatient treatment center and am in recovery. Lori has never stopped helping me heal and guiding me with gentle (and not-so gentle) nudges toward self love and acceptance. We heal together. “
Amanda L.
LMT, Writer
"I was at my breaking point last winter. My body was crying out in pain and my brain was constantly spinning from one thing to the next. I wouldn’t take the time to slow down and listen. Then, I met Lori. She has helped me to facilitate the process of going from overwhelm to calm, from unsure to feeling inspired and from fear to feeling empowered. Using BodyMind Coaching techniques she held space for me to be heard, she helped me discover ways to tune in to my body and listen to what it was asking for. This has allowed for greater clarity and sense of direction. I feel as if I am finally in tune with my body. I honor myself by listening to what I need and feel such freedom and connecting while living life more embodied."
Darcy W.
BodyMind Coach
"The interaction in Intentional Twelve helps me actually benefit from something I've known for years -- outdoor exercise helps my energy, productivity and outlook. I never could manage to do it daily before, and I'm also using it to tackle a seven-volume book I've started many times but never progressed in. I get the efforts others are making, they get mine, and Lorine's insight and encouragement helps us along."
Seth A.
Communications Professional
"Thank you, Lori, for helping me feel into what my tech priorities are with your TechCheck program. As someone who gets paralyzed by tech stumbling, you helped me focus on just what I needed, talked me through triggers that would normally stop me and jumped in to help me “do the dam thing”! As a result, I am using my Acuity with ease and am more confident using my google drive. I appreciate you, your humour, curiosity which leads to clarity and your freestyle vocabulary! You are a gem!
Massage Therapist, BodyMind Coach
“As an old school bodyworker/Rolfer who’s done everything by hand for the past 30 years, I had no idea about tech and felt intimidated to learn. After surgeries and feeling stuck in the pandemic, I felt up against a wall to expand my business and make a shift and knew it was time to learn how to accept credit cards, use Zoom, and do more online. Lori’s tech knowledge and guidance helped me break things down into bite sized pieces I could understand so that I feel more confident in tech and transitioning into my future. I now easily send my clients google docs, PDF'S, make Zoom appointments with them and charge their credit cards. My online scheduler is set-up and ready for when I feel ready to use it.

I love being coached by Lori. She is so real, so kind, and so patient. She never rolls her eyes at me or acts surprised when I don't know the most basic tech thing. And when I don’t do something I said I’d do, she stays steady and helps me figure out what’s stopping me and supports me in moving forward to do it.

I learned that I am not too old to learn, that my learning disabilities don’t need to keep me from serving clients & growing my business with tech, and that feeling confident with even one little piece of it totally relaxes my nervous system. Wow! The best part? Now that I know the basics, I can easily do the things that feel good to me and I have the foundational understanding to hire others to help me with the things I really don’t want to do. That opens up more time for me to focus on my clients and my own life! That’s a win for everyone."
Jules Harris
Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Embodiment Coach
"Struggling with parenting challenges? I sure was. A sticky parenting situation came up and the first call I made was to Lori. She held space for me to get all my frustrations out, helped me to understand my fear and sadness were showing up as anger. Lori walked me through discovering how I wanted to feel moving forward. By using some embodied conversation techniques I learned from my session with Lori, I was able to have a calm effective conversation with my teen and together we were able to navigate one of those challenging parenting moments."
Parent to Teens
“Lori is so honest, raw, authentic, and beautiful. Her light-hearted nature attracts you to her, but it's her empowered honestly that invites you to step up into your new next level. Lori has got your back, she believes in you and gives you the tools and turtle steps you need to rise up and into your most powerful and authentic badass self. She also curses like a sailor... so wear headphones for fuck's sake.”
Michelle R.
Co-Founder of BodyMind Sales,
Personal & Sales Coaching
“Lori came into my life as a fellow entrepreneur and massage therapist. She is so much more than that. Her patience, wisdom, and superhuman ability to actively listen is her real gift. Talking to her is better than therapy. In times of crisis, mental massage is crucial, and Lori’s the best."
Elizabeth F.
"Thank you for being such a guiding light along this journey with me. It has been instrumental in my growth and healing. I asked the universe to show me and I listened....I'm so glad I did. BodyMind Coaching has changed my life and I'm so glad to know you and have you as my coach."
Delaila A.
Physical Therapist
BodyMind Coach